KB Development makes expertise knowledge professionalism available to customers

KB Development was established by the end of 2014, tanks to the merging of different expertise and high level skills of its TEAM, experienced by developing reneweable energies projects for several years, with a special focus on photovoltaic ones as EPC and by covering top technical and top managerial roles inside PV panels manufacturing Industry. Thanks to the TOP national institutional roles covered in the energy sector by our shareholders, KB Development is able to develop high level institutional contacts, also abroad and is rewarded as regulatory advisor for in depth legislative and regulatory analysis and actions.The merging of these skills represents a «unique asset» if compared to the competitors one. KB Development, due to the expertise acquired in more than 10 years as PV manufacturing player, is able to give all the advisoring assistance when an investor is willing to set-up a new PV industry all around the world.


Company Overview

Thanks to its longstanding experience in the PV sector and to its proven skills, KB Development is able to offer cutting edge technology also by managing and dealing with the most effective best practices focused on PV plants revamping and repowering. In this respect, KB Development is often involved in research projects led by the RSE (National Body for Research in Energetic System) and support top international funds scouting new projects development. Moreover, KB Development offers its services as indipendent advisor for technical audit, due diligence activities and as judicial indipendent expert for settling claims between third parties.

Executive Team

Alessandro Cremonesi President and Founder COMITATO IFI President (National Photovoltaic Industry Association)
Over 15 years Renewable Energy enterpreneur

Paolo Gianese General Manager Comitato IFI Secretary General (National Photovoltaic Industry Association)
Head of Business Development e Strategic Marketing c/o a leading national PV modules manufacturer
Head of Government Affairs and Corporate Comm. c/o Philip Morris Italia
Eng.Claudio Liciotti Director Operation IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) TC82 member
CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) TC82 member
CEI (Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano) CT 82 Secretary
CEI (Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano) CT 120 member
Factory and Production Director c/o PV modules Italian leading manufacturing company
Twitter Linkedin
Eng. Francecsco Zippo Sales Senior Advisor Managing Director c/o a leading French PV modules manufacturer
Director Sales, Distribution and Procurement c/o leading national PV modules manufacturer
Over 10 years PV Sector experience as Executive Manager

Eng.Cinzia Camilloni Asset Manager Senior Professional c/o PV leading engineering company
Asset Management expert c/o leading national PV module manufacturer
Over 8 years PV Sector experience as Project Manager